Yoga & Pilates

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Drop-in Yoga - All levels

Tues 8:00 - 9:00 AM at North Boulder Recreation Center

Drop-in FlOW Yoga - All levels

Tues 12:00 - 1:00 PM at East Boulder Community Center

Drop-in Yoga Pilates - all levels

Wed 12:00 - 1:00 at East Boulder Community Center


"Shake wake be in your body accept where you are breathe be big she says be big... move gently gradually deeply into a pose adjust hold breathe... hold smile rest whatever your body needs... try this if you want more try this if you want less listen to your body... let it all go sit be still hold the practice up in the direction that has meaning for you. And that would be a practice with Alicia, grounded strong patient radiant balanced." C.M. scientist

"I have studied yoga with dozens of instructors over more than 30 years, and Alicia Grayson is among my favorites. Her gentle, warm and softly spiritual presence is inspiring and her instruction is clear, specific and helpful. Alicia teaches in a way that meets you where you are, individually, nimbly responding to varied skill levels in the same class. Unlike some yoga instructors who are there to show you their stuff, Alicia is there to be with you while you open to yourself." P.W. retired in Colorado

"Alicia, I felt a deep trust, and the satisfaction of being led skillfully along my growing edge. It was easy to trust your guidance because you demonstrate and embody a depth of knowledge about Yoga, Pilates and the human body that inspires confidence. I felt great for days afterward and being able to integrate a session is probably one of my top values when it comes to going to someone for a private." L.R. Startup Entrepreneur

"Having a private session with Alicia deepened and revitalized my own practice. My body resonated to the presence that Alicia embodies and the session was fluid and precise, fun and focused, and brought me back to the true essence of yoga. I am left with a profound sense of breathe and space and happiness. Thank you .” G.W. Performer