Transformational LIFE coaching 

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supporting women through Midlife transitions to re-align with your most essential embodied self

Empower your relationship with yourself, others and life.


Is Transformational Life Coaching for you?

  • You are going through a big change in your life, (divorce, career change, empty nester) and need support in navigating the journey into a more aligned you.
  • You feel a deeper longing for something in your life but feel stuck and are not sure how to bring that into being.
  • You want a guide, a support, someone who has been in the trenches and come out the other side to hold you accountable, challenge and inspire you to manifest your heart’s desire.
  • You are committed to show up and do the inner and outer work to manifest your dreams.
  • You want support in embodying your powerful, creative, beautiful self, you don't want to just talk about it.

People who would not be a good fit for my work:

  • You are dealing with serious addiction issues, serious depression or personality problems
  • You are looking for someone else to fix you
  • You are not willing to give up being a victim and blaming others



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"Alicia is a brilliant coach, medicine-woman healer and a true gift to the planet. She holds a space that allows my soul to shine and connect deeply with myself. Her ability to tap in to the areas that need most support is a gift as is her many years of deep personal work which allows her to have an intuitive knowing on how to access my greater wisdom underneath all of the noise."   D. H.  Coach, Author and Speaker

"Alicia, your coaching helped me immensely in taking big steps forward with my calling. You helped me become aware of and then breakthrough the obstacles that were holding me back. You helped me get clarity with my highest vision but I never felt you had an agenda.  I felt very seen and supported and were always in service to my own truth and clarity. It was so valuable to do the centering meditations at the beginning and end and orienting me toward the wisdom in my body throughout the sessions. I loved laughing with you,  I felt safe to cry and I really value your ability to flow with what is present. Thank you again!"  K.W. entrepreneur

"Alicia is one of the most embodied humans I know.  She can facilitate anyone in their coming home to their own body, their own experience and their own grace in ways that few others can.  She listens with her whole self and that is extremely satisfying to be the recipient of.  I so strongly recommend working with her. You will be blessed if you do."  V.C.  Spiritual Guide & Psychotherapist

"Alicia is able to zero in on what’s important to me, zero in on what’s getting in my way and most importantly she helped me create a shift on a somatic level. I have been tripping over my own feet for many years. After one session, I had a surprisingly fresh view on an issue that I have been dealing with for many years with only minimal progress. I feel like I am walking in new shoes which brings a sense of calm, wise-mindedness and greater ease of being aligned with my higher self."  L.C.R.  Psychotherapist