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"Alicia is an amazing facilitator. Not only does she know the material very well, she holds a safe, welcoming and encouraging container. She is able to inspire curiosity and playfulness in a way that makes the exercises/material engaging, inclusive and accessible to all levels." S.B. Artist

"Alicia is truly a master of her craft. In my experience attending her workshop. I touched some of my deepest parts and experienced liberation of tucked away rage in a way that few modalities can even come close to. I felt so held through this process and it was Alicia's incredible skill and ability to create safe space that liberated this emotion, that few people in my life have ever even seen or know in me, could be moved, shifted and transformed into radical power and possibility." C.C. Renewable Energy Consultant

"Alicia is gifted at creating a safe, loving and honest space for deep reflection and insight. She is warm, welcoming, grounded, clear and wise." C.S. Entrepreneur

"Alicia is such an open-hearted and bright person and fully embraces all women's struggles as well as their success great or small! I feel very welcomed and at ease in her presence." P.L. Yoga teacher