CI and Viewpoints


$250 for whole series pd by September 10

$270 for whole series pd after September 10

$220 for any 10 of the 13 classes

$25 drop-in


This series will grounded in the techniques of Contact Improvisation and include improvisational skills drawn from Mary Overlie’s 6 Viewpoints which include our awareness of and relationship to Space, Shape, Time, Emotion, Movement and Story. Gwen Ritchie and I have been researching the intersection of contact improvisation and the viewpoints and are excited to share some of our explorations with you. Gwen will be a guest teacher for some of the classes.

All of these improvisational tools are in support of creating more integration, wholeness and expression of our humanness in our dancing.

FALL CI Class Series:

Contact Improvisation

and viewpoints

w/ Alicia Grayson and Gwen Ritchie guest teacher

All Levels

Tuesdays 5:30 - 7:00

September 17 - December 10

13 week session

Boulder Circus Center

We will weave physical techniques for the practice of contact improvisation with the following improvisational tools to expand our artistic choices and our connection to ourselves and our partners in the dance.

Space - How do we relate to space, what are the relationships between ourselves, others and space? What are the floor patterns that we create? How does our relationship to space create more connection in the CI dance?

Shape - How do we bring attention to the shapes we create with our bodies and the shapes of others and the environment? How does this support connection with ourselves and our partners in CI?

Time - What are our choices around tempo: fast, slow, repetition, duration and how do we play with rhythm?

Emotion - How do we create different psychological and emotional states and how do we ride them as they spontaneously arise?

Movement - How do we experiment with different qualities of movement such as soft, strong, light, weighted, bound, free flow etc..

Story - What is the internal narrative or poetry that is occurring? How do we consciously bring this to the dance and allow it to organically emerge?