$160 for whole series pd by April 3

$170 for whole series after April 3

$135 for any 6 of the 8 classes

$25 drop-in


Summer CI Class Series:

Contact Improvisation: Developmental Movement, Skills & Artistic Choices

w/ Alicia Grayson, Gwen Ritchie and Chrissy Nelson

All Levels

Wednesdays 5:30 - 7:00

June 26 - August 14

8 week session

Boulder Circus Center

We will use developmental movement patterns and sequences to support our training in our physical skills as well as in our artistic/improvisational choices in contact improvisation.

Included in our investigations will be the 5 fundamental actions: yield, push, reach, grasp and pull and 4 developmental movement patterns: naval radiation, homologous, homolateral and contralateral.

These actions and patterns will be a base from which we develop more awareness and integration in our physical body. In addition we will use these actions and patterns to expand our artistic choices in solos, duet and ensemble work.

This class is a special opportunity to receive guidance from 3 teachers with extensive experience in contact improvisation, dance improvisation and developmental movement.