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"Alicia is a brilliant coach, medicine-woman healer and a true gift to the planet. She holds a space that allows my soul to shine and connect deeply with myself. Her ability to tap in to the areas that need most support is a gift as is her many years of deep personal work which allows her to have an intuitive knowing on how to access my greater wisdom underneath all of the noise."  

D. H.  Coach, author and speaker in Oregon

"Alicia is one of the most embodied humans I know.   She can facilitate anyone in their coming home to their own body, their own experience and their own grace in ways that few others can.  She listens with her whole self and that is extremely satisfying to be the recipient of.  I so strongly recommend working with her. You will be blessed if you do."  

V.C.  Psychotherapist and Spiritual Guide in Colorado

"Alicia is able to zero in on what’s important to me, zero in on what’s getting in my way and most importantly she helped me create a shift on a somatic level. I have been tripping over my own feet for many years. After one session, I had a surprisingly fresh view on an issue that I have been dealing with for many years with only minimal progress. I feel like I am walking in new shoes which brings a sense of calm, wise-mindedness and greater ease of being aligned with my higher self.”  

L.C.R.  Psychotherapist in Connecticut

It was a lovely week with you. I appreciate the way you teach very very much! Both in the workshop and in the coaching session. Things from the coaching session are integrating very well. Because of the coaching I now have more strength and ease in taking risks for trying something new, for example when I teach my students I just try something and it's totally fine when it's not working and they don't like it. I also feel more free with my friends. I was longing for something from someone else and now I found it in myself. At the same time I feel like I share more and more with others because I can also support myself really well."

L. S. in Vienna, Austria

"I so deeply appreciate the opportunity to work with you like this, Alicia! The combination of talk and movement — and with all of the other amazing skills that you so seamlessly weave in — is so deeply nurturing and nourishing for me. I know I always say this, but I truly feel that working with you is so resourcing on so many different levels — physically, emotionally and spiritually. With deep gratitude."

A.O.  Bodyworker & Movement Educator in Colorado


"Alicia is truly a master of her craft. In my experience attending her workshop. I touched some of my deepest parts and experienced liberation of tucked away rage in a way that few modalities can even come close to. I felt so held through this process and it was Alicia's incredible skill and ability to create safe space that liberated this emotion, that few people in my life have ever even seen or know in me, could be moved, shifted and transformed into radical power and possibility."

C.C. Renewable Energy Consultant in Oregon

"Alicia is gifted at creating a safe, loving and honest space for deep reflection and insight. She is warm, welcoming, grounded, clear and wise."

C. S. Entreprenour in Boulder

"Alicia is such an open-hearted and bright person and fully embraces all women's struggles as well as their success great or small! I feel very welcomed and at ease in her presence."

P.L. in boulder

"Alicia is an amazing facilitator.  Not only does she know the material very well, she holds a safe, welcoming and encouraging container.  She is able to inspire curiosity and playfulness in a way that makes the exercises/material engaging, inclusive and accessible to all levels."

S.B. in Canada


"Thanks again for the lesson today! You are a gifted teacher and I am very grateful to be able to study with you! The C.I. lessons have been powerfully transformational in every way and have informed my work, relationships and spiritual life in very positive ways. Many Thanks!"

A.O. Bodyworker & Movement Educator in Colorado

"Alicia is a fabulous teacher and dancer.  She creates excitement and warmth in her classes, and allows everyone to find their own pathway through the medium of Contact Improvisation.  She is extremely knowledgeable about Contact, and teaches both skill based work and more creative exploration in an engaged and kinesthetically delightful manner.  I would highly recommend her class to anyone looking to further their level of skill and exploration in Contact Improvisation.   As a dancer and teacher, Alicia listens attentively to her partner/partners she is dancing with and brings a sense of grace, adventure, and passion to both her dancing and her teaching."

J.R. dancer, teacher, performer in Colorado

"Alicia's classes have had a profound effect on my dancing and in my life. She has an incredible ability to help her students drop deeply into their own experience. Alicia is exceptionally skillful at helping dancers use an increasing sense of embodiment as a means of developing technique, and conversely, using improvisational techniques as a way to bring more embodiment and meaning to the dance. Her classes have helped me bring way more connection and meaning to my dancing, and to other areas of my life as well."

K.L. Executive Director and head teacher at private school in Colorado

""I cannot say enough about how much I respect and admire her as a dedicated movement artist while maintaining her grounded presence.  Her dancing is like a mountain with lots of flowers blooming all over it, the fragrance and colors shine while her strength supports it all. Quicksilver and generous as a performer, her teaching emanates her deep care for the form of Contact Improvisation and her students receive clarity and warmth simultaneously. To dance with Alicia is to enter the vortex of a mighty eddy from a bubbling mountain stream; clean, breathtaking, and wholesome in its transparent ripples of life serving flow."

B.S. dancer, actor, CI teacher in VA

"Mary called me last night after Alicia's class totally ecstatic, saying she's never felt so light and free before." 

B.O. in Denver

"I have had to fine opportunity to see, participate and co-teach with Alicia on numerous occasions and in a variety of places around the world.  Alicia's work is thoughtful, her pedagogic pathways are well constructed and her sensitivity to the indescribable in movement reveals the depth of her kinesthetic and empathic wisdom. She is a joy to move and work with.

Nita Little

"I have to say I absolutely LOVED your workshop on organs - the movement of. I hope to be back with you and study further. Your quiet presence and depth is very inspiring...and your obvious experience and knowledge in your field."

H.L.  Movement Educator in South Africa

Your quiet presence and depth is very inspiring...and your obvious experience and knowledge in your field.

"The balance of nourishing the experiential-presence-level and the skills-level was wonderful. I felt fed on all levels. A+ workshop! Can't wait for the next one!"

M.H. dancer and contractor in N.C.

I make the drive every Tuesday morning from Denver to Boulder because I want to study with Alicia.  I trust Alicia.  She makes it clear where she stands and her clarity lets me know that I'm safe to dive in.  I appreciate Alicia's ability to distill the essence of Contact Improvisation, and safely guide us through explorations of these concepts.  While I'm not an advanced dancer of CI, I can proudly say that I've studied with Alicia, and know that I have an undeniable, unshakable CI foundation that will serve me for a lifetime.

H.B.  Real estate agent in Colorado

"Wowie wowie wowie!  What a beautiful night!  Thank you for holding such beautiful, healing and amazing space for me to clear the energy I was in. You are magical Alicia - I am so honored to know you and to be learning from you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you."

B.Y.  Intimacy Coach in Colorado

"I really really enjoyed the Spring session.  You are such an incredible teacher, but really even more-- an amazing, inspiring being!"

L.Y.  Energy & Sustainability Specialist in Colorado

"Thank you. I felt as if I was swept away into a really beautiful safe retreat. The lessons of breath, skin and bone brought such a gentle ease and power to contact. I am in awe of your control of the material and how you intertwine biology, physics, metaphor with our very human connections." 

M.L.L  Professional Dancer in Denver

"It was a really special weekend for me, deeply needed and delicious and surprising in so many ways. I got so much energy from your teaching and the intelligence and spaciousness with which you guide a group. And that dance! What a blast of a contact dance with you--haven't had one of those dances that celebrates youth and prowess, I'm sad to say, in quite a while. It was good medicine for me."

A. L.   Dancer, performer, teacher  in New York

Authentic Movement

"Thank you for our beautiful session together. something about your embodied willingness, your quality of presence, your simple love, really touched me.  i felt safe to go into this quiet, glowing, intimate place inside of myself, and share it with you, and that was such a gift."

L.S. Entrepreneur  and healer in Colorado

"You inspire me pretty much every time I’m around you. I mean that. In one way or another, each time I’m near you I feel a sense of possibility for expansion.  You have an authentic smile that surfaces often. I love how much you love the mountains and forests where you live. I love that you have invested your creative life force in embodiment.  I have traveled widely with an eye searching for that and it is probably less then one in a million that has developed such a degree of embodied wisdom as you."

J.S. Somatic Educator


"Shake wake be in your body accept where you are breathe be big she says be big... move gently gradually deeply into a pose adjust hold breathe... hold smile rest whatever your body needs... try this if you want more try this if you want less listen to your body... let it all go sit be still hold the practice up in the direction that has meaning for you. And that would be a practice with Alicia, grounded strong patient radiant balanced."

C.M. scientist in Colorado

"I have studied yoga with dozens of instructors over more than 30 years, and Alicia Grayson is among my favorites.  Her gentle, warm and softly spiritual presence is inspiring and her instruction is clear, specific and helpful.  Alicia teaches in a way that meets you where you are, individually, nimbly responding to varied skill levels, even in the same class.  Unlike some yoga instructors who are there to show you their stuff, Alicia is there to be with you while you open to yourself."

P.W. retired in Colorado

"Alicia, I felt a deep trust, and the satisfaction of being led skillfully along my growing edge.   It was easy to trust your guidance because you demonstrate and embody a depth of knowledge about Yoga, Pilates and the human body that inspires confidence.  Moreso, I felt really satisfied by your ability to apply that knowledge, experience and skill to my requests and specific body-mind state of the day.  I just felt you responded and guided me perfectly for what I needed that day.  And what's even more important was that I felt great for days afterward... and being able to integrate a session is probably one of my top values when it comes to going to someone for a private. "

L.R.  Managing Director in Colorado

"Having a private session with Alicia deepened and revitalized my own practice. My body resonated to the presence that Alicia embodies and the session was fluid and precise, fun and focused, and brought me back to the true essence of yoga. I am left with a profound sense of breathe and space and happiness. Thank you Alicia.”

G.W. Performer in Colorado