Authentic Movement

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Authentic Movement

Offering one-on-one sessions and group workshops in the studio and in nature.  I offer Authentic Movement as a stand alone practice as well as a tool I incorporate with other modalities. Authentic Movement supports clients and students to open to self discovery and creative possibilities that are outside of conscious awareness.

 I also offer one-on-one sessions and workshops in Active Witnessing, a sub form of Authentic Movement. In group workshops I hold the container for the trio journey. In one-on-one sessions your journey as a mover is supported by me as an active and sitting witness. 

Active Witnessing: The Art of Authentic Movement in Contact

  • In a safe container you will explore the practice of authentic movement with a mover, an active and a sitting witness. Working in trios you will discover the powerful learnings that come from each of the three roles. This practice can be immeasurably helpful in deepening your relationship to being guided by Source, listening to self by supporting your capacity to source from within and support your skillfulness in deeply listening to yourself while connecting with another.
  • as a mover with eyes closed you deepen your ability to follow your own authentic impulses inspired by sensation, imagery, emotion or story. You have the opportunity to experience staying true to your own inner impulses and journey while being relational with an active witness who is supporting you.
  • as an active witness you learn to stay true to your own impulses while actively supporting the mover's process with or without touch. 
  • as a sitting witness you learn to cultivate our own ability to non-judgmentally witness other while simultaneously witnessing your own inner process.

"Thank you for our beautiful session together. something about your embodied willingness, your quality of presence, your simple love, really touched me.  I felt safe to go into this quiet, glowing, intimate place inside of myself, and share it with you, and that was such a gift."  L.S. Business owner

"Alicia, I want to send you a heartfelt thank you for the session today.  I am so appreciative of your ability to hone in on the salient aspects of our conversation and to create a theme for my Authentic Movement experience. I felt a dramatic structural change through my body, mind and psyche from the session. With deep appreciation. "  A.O. Bodyworker and educator

"You inspire me pretty much every time I’m around you. I mean that. In one way or another, each time I’m near you I feel a sense of possibility for expansion.  You have an authentic smile that surfaces often. I love how much you love the mountains and forests where you live. I love that you have invested your creative life force in embodiment.  I have traveled widely with an eye searching for that and it is probably less then one in a million that has developed such a degree of embodied wisdom as you."  J.S. Somatic Educator

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