3-Month Coaching Program to Manifest Your Vision

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10 sessions to transformation


Over three months, you’ll be supported to create a powerful intention and manifest your heart's desire. 

You’ll be guided to transform:

your relationship to self:

  • Together with your me, your coach, you’ll form a Power Partnership, and create a powerful vision of what you most desire to manifest in your life. 
  • You’ll identify the limiting beliefs and ways of relating to yourself that have been barriers to your power as a creator in this area up until now.
  • You’ll forge a new more powerful relationship with yourself.

your relationship to others:

  • You’ll discover how to shift your core beliefs about others in the area that you’re manifesting in.
  • You’ll discover new ways of showing up with others that will give you access to freedom outside your old pattern.
  • You’ll lean how to shift how you’ve been relating to others and learn to magnetize support to help you manifest your vision.

your relationship to life

  • You’ll learn how to shift your core relationship to a higher power so that you can manifest your vision.
  • You'll activate your inner guidance system to create in partnership with the wisdom of life
  • You’ll be supported in setting your course to make choices and take actions that are in alignment with your vision.

We will tailor each session to best support your needs and vision.

Throughout the program we will celebrate your successes as you are guided in the journey to go all the way to embody your Heart’s Desire.